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The History of the Canadian Lonewolves

Our Beginnings


The Canadian Lonewolves began more than a decade ago, with humble chats over drinks with a few brothers.
Our founder started talking with the dominant clubs of Canada.  They all agreed to the idea of an independent riding group but thought it would never happen. Because really…  how could a group of people get along without a formal structure, not pay dues, no real authority and finally allowing women to wear a patch and have a vote?  Well they said, if you think it’s a good idea, you have our blessing…. BUT you are not allowed to become a club. The code of conduct was written to ensure that each and every one stayed within the code.  That code has been rewritten over the years …stronger and better with the same strength and values.  Following the code is why we have and will have many more years to come. Show respect you get respect.


Continuing along…

Those first chats back in 2006/07 laid the ground work for who we are today. The CLW was born in New Brunswick with a group called the original 6: the founder and five close brothers and a sister. Yes a woman was part of the first 6 back in 2008.  Not earth shaking but truly a step in the right direction for women in the club community.   Our crest and banner were designed (We were not allowed to call it a patch and rocker as we were not a club) though it would still be many years before we received permission to refer to our crest and banner as back patch and rocker at an ACC meeting in PEI with many clubs in attendance. 


And We Grow...


Very rapidly the idea spread across the Canada reaching a membership high of nearly 1000 members. Over the years we have had many national leaders, countless pack leaders and assistant pack leaders. As always happens along the path to becoming there were ups and downs.  Good memories, bad memories, attempts to change the CLW but in the end we held true to the code and who we were to be.

Over the years many have joined, some have stayed, some have left, and more have come.  Patches have been removed, some turned them in as the riders choose a new path to follow. Some retire from biking and display their patches in proudly at home as part of their life. And finally, some will wear their patch forever as they watch over us as Spirit Wolves.   

When you join you are a stranger, as time goes on you become a brother or sister, if you stay long enough you feel like you’re part of a family of choice when that moment happens you have truly become a member of the pack , a wolf .... a Canadian lone wolf.

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