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National Code of Conduct


Canadian Lonewolves


The following document has been created and revised by the CLW National Leadership Team.

It will be referenced, in its entirety as The National Code of Conduct.

Some variations may occur from Province to Province only regarding MVI laws and your Pack Leader and Assistant Pack Leader will discuss these guidelines with you in detail.

Please note that updates may be added as required.

For reference:  CLW = Canadian Lonewolves, NPL = National Pack Leader, ANPL = Assistant National Pack Leader, PL = Pack Leader (Provincial), APL = Assistant Pack Leader (Provincial)




   1. All members, regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation or race will be granted the right to free speech and expression without the fear of intimidation or threat from any other members.

   2. All members have the right to ride any Brand or Size of street legal motorcycle.

A definition of a motorcycle is as follows. It must only have two or three wheels, this includes a side car.    Exclusions are side by sides ( ie. Slingshots and Quads ) 

   3. All members must acknowledge that they have reviewed The Code of Conduct upon being accepted to the Canadian Lonewolves. Confirmation will be completed while signing up on the National Website and verbally while being presented with your Patch Set.

For specifics on The Code of Conduct, refer to the Canadian Lonewolves National website 



Anyone choosing not to comply with this Code of Conduct will be required to remove their Back Patch Kit and return those items promptly to their Pack Leader (PL). They will lose all rights as a CLW member and be removed and blocked from the National Website and other social media sites.

The following actions will result in the immediate removal of a member.

   1. Any member convicted of an indictable offence, or arrested and charged will immediately cease from wearing their vest with the CLW Back Patch. Their membership status will be reviewed by the National Leadership Team. 

   2. Any member(s) that commits a physical assault on another CLW member, guest rider or family member.

   3. Any member(s) that commits sexual assault or engages in any form of sexual misconduct, including improper/unwanted touching /verbal) of another CLW member, guest rider or family member.

   4.  Any member(s) who violates Section 1 of The Members Fundamental Rights, or contravenes in a member’s right to free speech, freedom of expression or discriminates against a member’s race or sexual orientation.

   5. Any offence against a minor child ( under age of 16) will result in immediate removal.



   1. Members are to try to resolve the conflict/issue between themselves peacefully.

   2. If member resolution is not successful, then an APL or PL will be informed and will be required to mediate and arbitrate the situation.

   3. If the APL or PL are unable to resolve the issue, they will be required to involve their ANPL into the process.

   4. The ANPL will review the matter and continue the resolution process.

   5. If the ANPL can not obtain a respectful resolution, the issue goes to the National Leadership Team.

   6. The National Leadership Team will collectively review and discuss all provided information and have the right to question any and all parties involved.


The National Leadership Team’s decision will be final and no further appeals will be heard.




In recognition of diversity in social media in different areas of the country, the National Leadership Team require that an ANPL and /or NPL be included as an admin in any and all forms of social media.


Provincial Packs may use Facebook, Messenger, What’s Up, etc for communication. This will help promote member participation in rides, events, dinners, coffee meets, etc.


Nationwide information will be made available on the Canadian Lonewolves National Facebook group as well as the website. 


Administration have the right to edit or remove posts from any form of social media.



   1. Any member can host a ride.

To avoid any ride conflicts, please consult with your PL or APL and the Events Calendar on the website prior to planning any Pack ride.

   2. A Road Captain can be any member who wishes to take on the responsibility of leading a ride.

   3. Road Captains are responsible for providing a safe and enjoyable ride for everyone. They are to adjust the ride to the abilities and experience of everyone on the ride.




   1. Route Planning, weather conditions, knowing your riders’ experience levels and scheduling refuelling stops.

   2. The Road Captain must provide details of the route, gas stops and breaks to all the participants.

   3. Riders are to make sure that the Road Captain knows your level of experience, medical conditions, allergies or anything that effects your ride.

   4. Any member(s) not comfortable with the pace of the ride must place themselves at the back of the ride with the tail gunner/sweeper, who will remain with those riders.

   5. Riders are expected to always ride within the limits of their abilities and experience. 

No reckless driving will be tolerated.

   6. Riders will be excluded from riding with the group if over the legal alcohol limit or under the influence of narcotics.Failure to comply can result in being removed as a CLW member.

   7. Guests riding with the group are expected to comply with all of these guidelines or will be requested to leave the ride.

   8. It is the utmost importance that all CLW members and guests understand and respect these rules to help protect their brothers and sisters.



Anyone hoping to join CLW must do the following.
   1. Must be a Canadian Citizen. 

   2. You must have a valid motorcycle license. With a minimum of one(1) year riding experience. It is recommended that new riders graduate from a motorcycle safety training course prior to joining group rides.

   3. All members have the right to ride any motorcycle of their choosing. Motorcycles must be either a  two or three wheeled variation. Exclusions of this right are, no side by side riding, ( ie. Slingshot, Quads) 

   4. All  motorcycles must be in working order, inspected, registered and insured, where required by your Province. Members are responsible for knowing the regulations of their province.

   5. If you are a fully patched Pillion rider and now decides to obtain a motorcycle license, you must obtain permission from your PL before being permitted to ride in large groups.

   6. Any new potential members who have belonged to or were prospects for a MC or RC must be in good standing with their former club to be considered for membership with the CLW. They must fully disclose their reason(s) for leaving the MC or RC. It is the right of the NPL / ANPL / PL / APL to contact the former club to discuss their involvement in the former club. The probationary period may be extended.

   7.All members must disclose if they are an active member of another motorcycle group. The Canadian Lonewolves requires you to choose which organization you want to belong to. Representing two or more motorcycle organizations will not be allowed, with the exception of any military veterans groups.

   8. All members must register on the National website 

   9. All members must read and thoroughly understand “Who We Are" , The Code of Conduct and The Meaning of The Patch on the National website.

   10. All members must read and agree to follow The Code of Conduct.

   11. All new riders should attend social gatherings such as coffee meetings, events and rides to meet other members, during a period of not less then three months, depending on the riding season, and any specific regional requirements by your Province's PL.

 A decision can be made to allow the guest to join upon agreement of the PL and at least Two (2) members in good standing 

   12. Fast Tracking ( Short Patching ) is only done under exceptional circumstances where a strong case has been presented by the PL to the ANPL. Upon ANPL approval, notification to the National Leadership Team is required.

   13. Presentation of Back Patch Kit to new members will be at discretion of the PL and APL preferably at a CLW event.




Location and placement of The Canadian Lonewolves Patch set must be as follows:

  1. Your Chest Logo Patch must be located on the upper left side of your vest. The two flashes “Canadian Lonewolves “ and “Independent Rider” are no longer permitted and have been replaced with the Chest Logo Patch. 

  2. The Back Patch must be centred on the back of your vest. If you have an older patch set, your banner must line up and almost touch the wolf’s bottom jaw.

  3. Under no circumstances will any 1% or other club support patches be allowed on your vest.

  4. Member are not permitted to wear or display any 1% or other support club material while wearing the Canadian Lonewolves Patch. This includes helmets, bike, vest and clothing visible to the public.

  5. Members are not permitted to alter or enhance any and all of the Canadian Lonewolves Patches.

  6. Any member giving up their membership or that have been asked to leave, must return their patches to the PL or APL, unless permission to retain them has been obtained from their PL.



If you are unfamiliar with 1% clubs, please talk to your PL or APL. It is important that everyone understands how 1% clubs operate and the rules that they follow.
Meetings have been held between CLW and 1% Clubs to clarify the positive presence of the CLWs in the motorcycle world. Especially, due to new 1% clubs that have been moving into new areas. It has been clearly stated, by them, that we are in good standing with them.
Always be respectful to them, so that the CLW will receive respect in return. Also, for clarification, our female members are equally respected by the 1% clubs as our male members.
Our position to them are as follows.
We respect all 1% clubs.
We encourage CLW members to support public charity events that they host.


Max Wolf, Dave Hadley, Alex Laforest & Lori Wilkinson
Canadian Lonewolves National Leadership Team 

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