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Spiritual Navigation

When we find ourselves tossed about by tumultuous seas.....

The Meaning of The Canadian Lonewolves Patch...

Spiritual Navigation

When we find ourselves tossed about by the tumultuous Seas of life......

The symbolic attributes of the Cross can recenter our focus and move our thoughts in the right direction.

By affirming the symbolic meaning of the Cross, we set our Spirit on solid ground.

By tracing the four points of the Cross, you gain deeper Spiritual knowledge..........

Self, Nature, Wisdom and The Divine.

The Cross also connects time navigation such as :

Past, Present, Future and a Place of No Time.

The Celtic Knots symbolize infinity and our united bonds of togetherness.

This together, can put a gentle Spiritual Wind back into our sails and sets us back on course.

So now you know the symbols of what you are wearing, but why this Celtic Cross?

We all come from different backgrounds...... we live different lives....... and we each have our own road to travel.

What you wear is a Compass ......... Your Compass as a Lonewolf ....... Your Patch ........ Your own Compass.

So the road you travel through life is a good one and that you always stay the course.

The Patch is so simple, but it has much meaning to all who wear it.

Symbolic Meanings Associated with the Celtic Cross.

Hope. Life. Faith. Unity. Transition. Temperance. Ascension. Navigation.

Max Wolf, Founder

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